Setup Postfix Mail Server

In this course you will learn how to setup:

  1. Postfix mail server on CentOs
  2. Setting up SSL/TLS for mail server
  3. Setting up SPF records
  4. Setting up DKIM with OpenDkim
  5. Setting up DMARC
  6. Validating SPF, DKIM, DMARC
  7. Setting up Antivirus for Postfix
  8. Setting up Spam Assassin for Postfix
  9. Creating Group Mail for Postfix
  10. Sending and Testing messages to and From Gmail
  11. Setting up Webmail for Postfix

This Mail Server can be setup on your Server or on AWS the choice is Yours.

Total Duration for This Course is 2 days.

Total Price for this Course is $250

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