Linux & Security Basics


** Please note we will use CentOs 7 for this course.

 Topics which we will cover:
 1) Linux Installation
 2) How to Get Help in Linux
 3) Linux Directory Structure

 4) Linux Basics Commands
 e.g ls, touch , mkdir, cat , stat, find, grep, uniq, sort, tr, split, join, tail, head, more, less and  other

 4.1) Basic Administrative commands
 lsblk , df , du, ps, top, os-release, uname etc

 5) Linux Networking
 net-tools, ipaddr, netstat, routing, Linux as a router Ports & their functions etc

 6) Linux Permissions

 7) Archiving & Compression and rpms 

 8) Users & Group

 9) Editing files with Vim & Sed
 Vimdiff, opening dir using vim, set nu , vim search & replace, vim open external files in a file, editing with Sed etc

 10) Linux Volumes 
 Fdisk & LVM

 11) Jobs & Processes

 12) Bash Scripting

 13)Introduction to  Linux Server

 14) How To Setup Apache Web Server

 Linux Security:

 1) Linux Security with Best Practices
 2) Securing ssh with sshd.conf
 3) Ssh key based auth
 4) Tcp wrappers
 5) Linux Firewall [ Firewalld]
 6) Linux ACL
 7) Ipset
 8) /etc/nologin
 9) StickyBit
 10) Suid
 11) SGid
 12) Login restriction for selected Subnets
 13Final Project:
Setting up Firewall Script with Ipset


Total Price $250. 
Total Duration: 10 Days

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