Apache Practical Web Admin

  1. What is Apache Web Server ?
  2. The Apache Config file
  3. Various Apache Directives & Usage [ This is a very big lecture full one day ]
  4. Various Apache Modules
  5. How to Setup Apache Web Server on CentOs 7
  6. Apache Virtual Hosting
  7. How to Setup Apache Web Server with Mysql
  8. How To setup a WordPress site with Apache and Mysql
  9. Load Balancing Apache with HaProxy
  10. Apache Security:
  11. Setting SSL on Apache with Let’s Encrypt
  12. Security Website with Client Certificates
  13. Mod_evasive, Mod_security, Mod_ssl
  14. Time based Access and Redirection
  15. IP based Access and Redirection
  16. SELinux & Apache
  17. Apache High Availability with HeartBeat
  18. Apache Auth
  19. Protecting a Certain File with Apache Directives
  20. Apache Auth Based on Database
  21. Apache Password Protected Area
  22. Apache Certificate Based Protected Area
  23. SSL
  24. Apache Redirection
  25. Apache HSTS
  26. Securing Apache with Firewalld & Certificates
  27. Apache Mod_Rewrite Basics
  28. Apache Logs

This Course will be live with one on one training for 20 days 2 hours per day.

Total Fee: 400 USD [ A Discount will be Given To Old Students ]

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