Automating Backup from Local Machine to AWS S3

In this article we will see how to automate back from our local machine to AWS S3 with sync command. Requirements:AWS Cli should be configured on Local Linux MachineInternet Connectivity [Of course] In our previous posts we saw how to install and configure AWS Cli on local machine. If you are don’t know how to …

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Installing AWS CLI Version 2 in Linux

Hey all, today i decided to install AW Cli version 2 in my Linux mint and therefore would like to share how to do that in simple steps. So let’s start: Prerequisites:Curlunzip Downloading:curl -o Unzipunzip Install:sudo ./aws/install Confirmation:# aws –version Done. Thanks,Salman Francis

Setup PHP 7.4 in CentOS 8

In this post we will see, how to easily install php 7.4 in CentOS 8 Install php 7.4 on Centos 8 [root@sal-test ~]# yum-y update Install extra packages repository for enterprise Linux [root@sal-test ~]# yum -y install epel-release Install remi repository for CentOs 8 [root@sal-test ~]# yum -y install Enable remi repository for php …

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